The Drug Court Foundation

Established in 2001, the Shelby County Drug Court Foundation is a not-for-profit public benefit organization. The Foundation was established to lessen governmental burdens in matters relating to the Drug Court program and to secure funding and extend financial aid toward the operation and expansion of the Shelby County Drug Court through the Thirtieth Judicial District of Tennessee at Memphis, Tennessee and the State Criminal Court. 

Board Members

Wight Boggs       

S.T. Canale, M.D.       

Dean DeCandia       


Judge Tim Dwyer       

Ralph Michael Gagliano       

Lee Giovannetti       

Ed Haaga       

Mathew Ian John       

John D. Lichterman       

Bill Lucchesi       

Jack Mayer       


Denise Musko       


Bryan Owens       

Joe Ozment       

Angela Parkerson       

Derrick Phillips       

Vince Robinson       

Michael Robinson       

John Stokes, Jr.       

Debbie Sweeney       

Rachel Wohlfarth       

Kenneth Wurzburg